Dao nay to da tap dc thoi quen vao office hang ngay. Ly do la mang o nha kem qua, ko xem dc phim online. Dua the thoi, chu cung ko den muc suot ngay xem phim. Ngay nao to cung vao office tu 4h chieu, den khoang 11h dem thi ve. Bay gio den 15 to phai cham chi mot chut vi sau day to se di choi den het thang 3. Cu the se la`:

  1. 16-20: Aarhus (Denmark): conference.
  2. 21-24: Easter! Thang Vu voi cu Tuan sang choi. May anh em se di Brno (Czech) va Bratislava (Slovakia).
  3. 26-29: Krakow, Warsaw (Poland).

Tam the da nhi. Bay gio to ngoi xem not bong da roi ve. Tu nhien hom nay troi lanh the. Luc nay di an toi ma` ret run.

P/S: co cai link cua CJ7, phim moi cua Chau Tinh Tri. Tieng hoi kem nhung ma xem cung dc.



One Response to “March”

  1. (¯`'• AthenA •'´¯) Says:

    Hi, tks for the link nhe ^^

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