A serious blog

sau khi bi chi trich mot cach nang ne ve noi dung cua cac blogs toan nhung thu nhi’ nho va hoi hot:(, hom nay se thay doi khong khi, viet mot cai blog “nghiem tuc”…

Contributed talk at ICMB 2006 (First International Congress on Market Blogging):

Impact of market blogs on the number of comments
Le Anh Vinh, School of Bloggers, Yahu University

In the past few years, the theory of blogging has developed into a vast subject cultivated mostly by the teenagers, with well over a thousand webpages devoted to it. The theory of blogging has had a great influence not only on 8x generation, but on younger and elder ones as well, where blogs serve as quintessential ingredient of their life.

About six months ago,  I started writting my very first blogs and received only ten comments for the most serious blog. This discouraging results motivate me to adapt a new method, the so-called market blogging (This method is pionnered by NVS and his  blog perhaps is the first Vietnamese blog which reaches 100000 page views). Friends, friends of friends and others became interested in my blogs,  and I quickly got 60+ comments for my second market blog (this blog however is removed for a private reason:P). There is no doubt that the study of marker blogging is going from strength to strength and is rapidly maturing.

An attractive feature of this method is that genuine applications bring to beautiful and interesting comments. Also, good work frequently results in the discovery of unexpected statements. In a recent blog, I unfortunately learnt that  XX is a gay lover (I mean, he loves to talk about gay:P).

The aim of this talk is to bring together people who have done much work on serious blogs and experts on market blogs. The problems concerning market blogs vary greatly in creativity and interestingness, so this talk should not only enable junior bloggers to gain access to the methods  of a large and very active field, but the blogging community should also benefit from the collective wisdom of market bloggers  as to the direction of future blogs.



63 Responses to “A serious blog”

  1. *lil' princess* Says:

    lolz.. an interesting blog entry 😉

  2. Vinh Says:

    @Diep: beautiful and interesting comment;)
    @Ha: sao dong chi vai bip nghien cuu de tai vai bip the:P.
    @Dung: hehe, du nhieu roi ma` phai viet cai blog “nghiem tuc” the nay a >:).
    @Trang: lai con ko serious. Nhung ma “market blogging is pionnered by NVS”, nen em vao day de tham khao kinh nghiem nhe ;).

  3. Vinh Says:

    @Minh: comment da kho’, comment cai comment co`n kho hon:P.

  4. Says:

    I unfortunately learnt that XX is a gay lover: hoho, tai sao lai phai unfortunately nhi? tuong Vinh phai mung chu nhi?
    well, dong chi vai bip dang nghien cuu ve cai nay day ^_^.(seriously).

  5. Dung dep trai Says:

    Cho hien Page View di Vinh oi, chac du nhieu de anh em nguong mo roi day 😀

  6. T3 Says:

    😐 cai’ entry nay` cua? a Vinh dung’ la` serious that, nhi a Vinh nhi! 😀

    BTW, I’m really interested in ur new method (ta.i thay’ quang cao’ ghe qua’ 😛 ) —> so plz share with us ur experience ;;) 😀

  7. Chieu Minh Says:

    Chong ca mat nhi, dung la serious that.:)).
    May cai blog serious kho comment lam, co thang ban viet blog cuc hay, doc vo cam dong de so, minh nghi phai tim cau gi hay ho comment cho no –> mot luc sau luoi qua khoi comment luon. :))

  8. Vinh Says:

    @Hanh: market blog hay con goi la blog thi truong, la nhung blog de doc, de hieu va de commment:P.

    @Duy: sao may hoi kho’ the?:))

    @Thang: co phai ai cung thich market blog nhu anh em minh dau:P.

    @Duy again: ko co’ comment nho nhang, chi co’ blog nho nhang;).

  9. *lil' princess* Says:

    the cai ‘serious-oh-so-serious’ blog nay co duoc goi la market blog ko anh? =)

  10. Danny Says:

    cha(‘c la` ma^’y ca’i comments nho^’ nha(ng ha?

  11. Mr_BEO Says:

    Hehe, hoa ra may` bi chi trich nhieu a? Ma` tao thay co nho nhang gi dau. Vi du nhu vu. chon truogn nao roi tro lai Uc. .. binh` thuogn ma.

  12. Danny Says:

    Nghie^m tu’c qua’i gi`, cu+’ comment funny ti’ la` dduo+.c. Dzui dze? la` chi’nh ma` anh em!

  13. ♥H2O♥ Says:

    em doc het’ rui` van ko hieu market blog la cai gi *_*.It means superficial blog?
    (em ngo^’c nhung co’ uu die?m ko gia^u’ dot^’hixhix)

  14. Danny Says:

    u+u hay khuye^’t dza^.y ha? em? hihi…

  15. Lê Phương Says:

    Thành thực mà nói , nếu coi blog là nơi để chia sẻ , để bạn bè có thể cùng vui buồn với nhau mà không phân biệt khoảng cách ,chứ không phải là nơi phô diễn thì đơn giản hơn nhiều .

    Cảm xúc ,niềm hân hoan hay trăn trở cứ theo mạch mà chảy ra , tự nhiên và chân thành .Điều đó sẽ giúp cho tất cả chúng ta xích lại gần nhau hơn .

    Mà chỉ vì chút “hữu danh vô thực” trên thế giới ảo của blog mà phải viết những-cái-mà-người-khác-thích “,nhằm mục đích “câu khách ” , thì time-consuming lắm , you nhỉ ?

    Thế nhé , chào tạm biệt .

  16. Vinh Says:

    it’s a fake news. I strongly believe NVS is still a leader in market blogging in the next few years:P. BTW, my blog is just a place where i can be one-who-i-want-to-be >:).

  17. Rosy Says:

    The so-called market blogging pioneered by NVS is totally a fake hehe. Shamed on him!!! So wat’s the objective of ur blog? Increase ur reputation or just a place where u can be urself?? 😉

  18. Mr_BEO Says:

    Phai day VInh a, may cu lam gi may thich trong blog cua ma`y 😉 market blog ma ;)).

  19. Vinh Says:

    hehe, may noi cau dau du roi ma, sao lai phai giai thich the nhi:P.

  20. Vinh Says:

    @Diep: anh doi mai cai comment nay:P.
    @Hanh: em voi anh Duy cu tu nhien di.
    @AoW: I will take ur comment as the direction of future blogs;).
    @Trang: hehe, cam on em dong vien:P, chac tai dao nay goi dau nhieu nen to’c da`i nhanh thi phai…

  21. ♥H2O♥ Says:

    market blog hay con goi la blog thi truong (ofcoz i c),la nhung blog de doc,de hieu,de comment va de~ lam cho moi nguoi vui ve?.I like it ^,^
    @anh Danny:tha` de? 1 nguoi mang’ ngoc’ vai` s con` hon la bi nguo`i do`i che^ ngoc’ suot’ doi` 😀
    (em xin loi a.V,em co cam giac mi`nh dang lam. dung. quyen` su? dung. blog,nhung anh Danny hoi? thi` em fai tra lo`i ma 😀 )

  22. T3 Says:

    O*, cho em noi’ la.c topic 1 ti’ :P. Nhin` anh? nay thi` dau` moi’ cua anh co’ khac gi` dau` cu~ o? ava dau nhi? 😕
    Nhin` tro^ng duoc ma` ;;) 😀

  23. HEHE Says:

    doi` oi, dang dinh noi cai avat moi trong gia` khu thi` thay commt cua DANNY, dung` tu` tuong hinh` de lien tuong qua’, k nen k nen 😉

    Vinh oi, co’ nha^n. da(t. hang` blog k ???
    Dang o au nhey, vay to’ dang ky’ dat hang` blog ve` au nhe

    imag Vinh la nha` dau` tu+ cho cai operra o Sydney, tai sao fai co’ no’ o S., co’ can` no’ bieu dat ngon ngu cua thanh fo, no’ co’ y nghia voi S. k? thay’ sao khi no tro thanh bieu tuong au, tham chi lam nh` ng` quen mat Canberra la thu do …

    hi. hi. serious comment dau tien cua HEHE >:]]

  24. BiO Says:

    Khen cai Avat moi nhung DANNY dung tu ddo+ ddo nen moi ngam lai hoi lau. Hi..Cung ddo + ddo thiet…Ma @HEHE noi DANNY dung tu de lien tuong wa cung dung luon..hi..hi..

  25. BiO Says:

    Co le cai Hinh moi nhat la dep nhat…mac du hoi nghie^m.

  26. Danny Says:

    Dde.p dda^u? Tha^’y ma(.t ku Vinh ddo+ ddo+ ra…hehe…

  27. Vinh Says:

    @^0^: vua dinh cam on thi` da co’ cai comment khac chan minh lai roi:P.
    @Duy: “tam trang” ma may bao la do do a:-B
    @Hehe: dung la serious comment that, ko biet comment on comment the nao nua:P. Ma van dang o vn ma`, chua di dau dau (hom qua vua di an thit cho’ voi thang Linh=P~).

  28. Danny Says:

    Tranh thu? a(n dog meat ddi, sang dda^y ma` a(n thi` ca?nh sa’t no’ cho ra toa`…
    Bao’ cho ma`y mo^.t tin, cho^~ Charcoal Chicken ga^`n nha` tao, ca’ch dda^y 2 ho^m co’ 1 tha(`ng na(`m che^’t la(n quay …hehe..tao ddi ngang co`n tha^’y ma(.t no’. Nghe tha(`ng Ha` Bu`i ddo^`n la` tha(n`g kia bi. shot …hehe… Ho^m sau chu? tie^.m tha(‘p huo+ng, la^’y wine chu`i ru+?a cho^~ no’ na(`m. Kinh la(‘m!

  29. Says:

    um, no dang nghi ngo thu pham vi tranh gai nen bi shot( thang day trong cung handsome).
    hom nay to thay thang chu tiem con moi thay cung ve cung co( thay cung hay phu thuy y, note: thang chu tiem nhu la nguoi italy y), trong rat mafia.
    cu Vinh can than day, sang US thay bao bon no dung sung con free hon o Aus thi phai.

  30. Says:

    me. oi, o gan Danny Ngo nguy hiem qua, the ma hoi xua co thang con o cung nha voi Danny Ngo nua chu (gay ko nhi???).

  31. Says:

    @hehe,danny: depend on your though, that’s my intendtion.

  32. BiO Says:

    Nghe noi an thit cho’ hic…hic.. Tu nhien thay thuong con “Pepsi” o nha de so…

  33. HEHE Says:

    (gay ko nhi???).
    nghia la sao ?

  34. Danny Says:

    “me. oi, o gan Danny Ngo nguy hiem qua, the ma hoi xua co thang con o cung nha voi Danny Ngo nua chu (gay ko nhi???).” (XX, 2006)

    hehe…sorry mi`nh ko tha^’y ca’i point XX made. Ko dda^`u ko dduo^i, tu+. nhie^n nha?y ra cai’ conclusion!!!

    To HEHE: (gay ko nhi?) == (GAY ko nhi?) hehe…

  35. Says:

    @danny: to binh thuong (“ko co gi bat thuong ca”). nhung lam sao thang Vinh yen tam dc, khi ma XXXX bat thuong =)) ( lai lo o cung nha nhau nua chu =)) ).

  36. Lazycat Says:

    Hihi, dung la serious blog, lam em cha bit comment cai j ca 😛

  37. Says:

    @Vinh: duoc day, noi moc anh em dc day. :d

  38. Danny Says:

    XX chi? bie^’t gay, ga’i va ba(‘n gie^’t tho^i! haha…truo+’c dda^y cu~ng va^.y, ba^y gio+` va^~n the^’. Ko co’ gi` ba^’t thuo+`ng ca?. Ma`y ye^n ta^m ddi Vinh!

  39. Vinh Says:

    @^o^: thuong no thi dung tha no chay lang quang em a, ko hom nao anh lai gap no tren NT thi chet:P.
    @Duy, Ha, Nga: khiep the, ma` sao thang Ha dao nay lam thong tin ve gay, ga’i va` ban giet the nhi:P. May dao tao Ha the nao the ha Duy? Giai thich them mot ty’ khong lai bi dong chi Ha chup mu, hoi den nha thang Duy o, no’ bo di voi thang na`o y:P.
    @KA: em cha biet comment cai j nhung ma van comment duoc day thoi;))

  40. BiO Says:

    @Vinh, @Danny, @Titu: Hinh nhu de tai ve gay, ga’i, ban gie^t’ la de tai nong hoi nhat tua^`n nay` cua ma^y’ anh hay sao ay? Nghe ghe ghe lam sao. ak..ak..

  41. BiO Says:

    @Vinh: Cai Blast sao chi la mot da^’u cha^’m lang (“…”) thoi vay? A! moi ngay la mot dau”…”, Hay. The^’ thi`the^m mo^t cai gach dau dong` nua nhe! Moi ngay co mot dau gach dau dong. hi..

  42. T3 Says:

    O*… cai’ entry Bac Ho dau mat’ tieu :-?? 😐 Blast chao` mung` cung~ dau mat’ tieu 😐 Cai’ anh? minh hoa. ngo^. nghinh~ kia cung dau mat’ tieu ;)) 😀

  43. Vinh Says:

    @Tuyen: “topic of the week” la san pham cua anh XX, nhung duoc anh Duy phat trien va bo sung:P.
    @Trang: doc lai thay nhu kieu minh ho hao khau hieu, chuoi chuoi nen xoa di:D.
    @Hanh: Cam on em;)
    @Duy, Trang: thanks for ur comments;)). Nhung phai cong nhan la thang cha’u xinh giai hon cau that:D.
    @Thao: hehe, anh cung ko hieu nua la em:P. Vua bao anh ngay tho bay gio lai noi la con anh lon the rui kia…/:)

  44. ♥H2O♥ Says:

    nhoc’ chau’ anh dep zai ghe! 😀

  45. T3 Says:

    O*, a Vinh moi’ co’ thu* ky’ rieng la` a Danny ah ;))

    *** Danny: “Tha(`ng ca^.u thi` dduo+.c. Co’ cai’ tha(`ng ca^.u la.i ko dduo+.c dde.p giai ba(`ng tha(`ng cha’u. Kho^? nhi ?!? Ddo+`i oa’i oa(m qua’ !”
    —> ghen an tuc’ o? voi’ a Vinh 😐 =))

  46. Vinh Says:

    @Duy: “Nga^y tho+ ne^n mo+’i co’ con so+’m. Ma`y tha^’y XX ko, nhi`n the^’ chu+’ dda~ co’ chau’ nao` dda^u?” — thua may roi L-) =)).

  47. Danny Says:

    ***Tuye^`n: “@Vinh, @Danny, @Titu: Hinh nhu de tai ve gay, ga’i, ban gie^t’ la de tai nong hoi nhat tua^`n nay` cua ma^y’ anh hay sao ay? Nghe ghe ghe lam sao. ak..ak..”
    Cai’ na`y la` sa?n pha^?m cu?a XX. Tu.i anh ko di’nh da’ng gi` dde^’n. Nhu+ng cu~ng co’ the^? dda^’y la` “Topic of the week”…hoho…

    ***T3: “O*… cai’ entry Bac Ho dau mat’ tieu :-??”
    Ku Vinh hi`nh nhu+ bi. an ninh Vietnam ho?i tha(m. La^n` sau ko dduo+.c ddu+a tin ve^` Ba’c Ho^` ki’nh ye^u khi chu+a dduo+.c cho phep’ nha’…hehe…

    *** H20: “O*… cai’ entry Bac Ho dau mat’ tieu :-??”
    Chau’ no’ chu+a dduo+.c 18 tuo^?i dda^u em. Coi chu+`ng bi. ca?nh sa’t ho?i tha(m dda^’y…Tha(`ng ca^.u thi` dduo+.c. Co’ cai’ tha(`ng ca^.u la.i ko dduo+.c dde.p giai ba(`ng tha(`ng cha’u. Kho^? nhi ?!? Ddo+`i oa’i oa(m qua’ !

  48. Danny Says:

    Nha^`m quote cu?a H2O. Should be “nhoc’ chau’ anh dep zai ghe! :D” hi`hi`…

  49. T3 Says:

    @ Danny: 😐 😐 bo’ tay toan` ta^.p! Anh noi’ em the vay dua ra chung’ co’ di 😐 Ko choi tro` chup mu~ 😐

    Con` chuyen ghen an tuc o i’ ma, dang’ ra em nen cho trong ngoac kep’, nhung nghi~ a Danny la nguoi vui tinh’ biet’ dua` nen la.i thoi 😐

    Ps: ket thuc’ tranh luan! Ko spam nữa 😐 😀

  50. Vinh Says:

    y tao la thua ca may lan XX ma, sao may cu danh trong lang the nhi:D.

  51. Danny Says:

    2 y’ dde^`u ta^`m ba^.y !! hehe…em va^~n chu+a ddu+a ra dduo+.c evidence…hehe…
    La.i con` contradiction nu+~a. Thu+ ky’ ma` da’m tho.t tha(`ng boss ha? em? Anh ghen a(n tu+’c o+? vo+’i tha(`ng Vinh vi` ly’ do gi` em huh? hi`hi`…
    Cha(‘c em na`y “tha^`n tuo+.ng” anh Vinh qua’ ne^n ho+i “qua’ khi’ch”…haha…

  52. Inative Says:

    Blog anh V vui thiet,doc 1 hoi em chang hiu gi nua x(~_~)?
    Cai avatar ,con anh da lon the rui kia ah,de xuong nhi\(^_^)/

  53. Danny Says:

    Ta^’t nhie^n la` ma`y thua XX ro^`i. La`m sao ho+n dduo+.c !!! haha…

  54. Vinh Says:

    @Hanh: em cu noi the thi` lai chang co nguoi den toi:P.

    @Duy: may lai de XX co dip dong thu roi, ai lai loi chuyen trong toi ngoai sang ra noi the nay:D.

  55. ♥H2O♥ Says:

    1,anh V ko fai? cua? em *_*
    2,em ko ha(m he anh V 😦
    3,em dang ham he chau’ anh i’ co* :(( (chau anh i em moi fai doi. chu anh i gia` ro`i,doi nua thi` co ma chit ah :D)
    4,aV hiu nham` i’ em rui` =>ca aV va ban anh i deu den toi’ 😛

    5,the aV… trong toi the nao ah? :O Em von ngay tho*,ko hiu i anh Danny :D.juz jokin’ 😛
    (cu buo^n trong blog cua anh the nay em ngai. wa co* :”> )

  56. ♥H2O♥ Says:

    euh,sao anh V trong sang ma co anh ban. den toi’ the nhi?:P.anh cu lo xa,em ko manh do^ng. dau,co’ gi` thi`…em doi*. duoc :))
    (anh Danny buon rat ac trong blog cua anh V :D)

  57. Danny Says:

    “anh V trong sang”(H20,2006)
    Tho^i che^’t ro^`i, la.i mo^.t em “nga^y tho+” nu+~a. The^’ em dda~ tha^’y a V cu?a em “trong to^’i” chu+a? Khi dda^’y mo+i’ bie^’t dduo+.c em a! Anh toa`n “nhi`n tha(?ng va`o su+. tha^.t”. Ma` su+. tha^.t thi` thuo+`ng chua xo’t la(‘m. Em ah!

    “anh Danny buon rat ac”(H20, 2006)
    Anh dda^u co’ a’c gi` dda^u? Chi? tha^’y em cu+’ ha(m he tha(`ng ba.n anh. Na`o la` “em ko manh ddo^.ng dda^u”, “em do*.i dduoc”,etc.

    2 ddu+a’ dde^`u “nga^y tho+” he^’t thi` “con dda`n chau’ ddo^’ng” …HAHA…

  58. Danny Says:

    *** XXXX: “Vua bao anh ngay tho bay gio lai noi la con anh lon the rui kia…/:)” (XXXX, 2006)
    Nga^y tho+ ne^n mo+’i co’ con so+’m. Ma`y tha^’y XX ko, nhi`n the^’ chu+’ dda~ co’ chau’ nao` dda^u?

    *** T3: ba*’t tay la`m ho`a ca’i..hi`hi`…anh he^’t mu~ ro^i`. Tra? la.i cho XX ta^’t ca? ro^`i! Em ho?i xem chu’ XX co`n ca’i na`o fit em ko nhe’…hihi..joking don’t take my words serious my mates!

  59. Says:

    @vinh: sao lai look down ban be the.

  60. ♥H2O♥ Says:

    hix,lai 1 anh ban nua cua anh,cung rat trong sang!i’ em la “cu*’ buo^n” thoi ah >.< (o*,ma em ko hieu gi dau nhe :D)
    ma em co hoi? anh V dau^.Vi fep lich su nen em da hoi gia’n tiep qua anh Danny roi co ma 😛
    thui em xin hua’ stop buo^nning tai day,chu mang tieng la serious blog cua anh ma em comment the nay ngai wa di :”>

  61. Says:

    @H20: cu buo^n trong blog cua anh the nay em ngai. wa co* :”>
    —> “cu buo^n” la` di buo^n cai gi the em?:D
    @Danny: hm hm, what do u mean? tao di mec H bay gio.
    @others : Vinh voi Danny la 1 ca.p ( ca.p gi` thi` tu. hieu)do’ mo.i nguoi. nen bo.n no’ tung hu’ng tren na`y de? da’nh la.c hu*o*’ng chi. em do’. be aware.

  62. Vinh Says:

    @H20: em hoi the anh tra loi the nao /:).
    @Titu: thay Danny no so XX wa nen tung hung ti de danh lac huong XX thoi:D.

  63. hElium® Says:

    Bla bla bla…
    No’i di` da^y nhi? ???

    Ui… Cu*’ nhu* dang la`m pa`i readin’ y’ T_T …hix… dang nghi? he` co* ma` T_T

    However, u show up 2b a big-head guy ^_<
    Da^`u bu* da^`u bu* —-> hi`hi`…

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