ve nha

Dear  Commentors,

I’m very happy to inform you that I’m going home this Labour day.  I also got the offers from Turkey, India and Singapore (honestly, all are shit, except the one from Singapore) , but as I usually tell you, my first choice would be Hanoi.  I hopefully will stay there until my next trip in this Fall. 

I really want to share with you this good news,  cause I think you will be happy with me too. And most of all, I would like to express my sincere thank to you for commenting on my blogs during my boring time in Berlin.  Without it I definitely can not stand for that long. 

 I hope I will have many chances to write better blogs, and will continue to have your support as well as enthusiasm, just like when I was in Berlin.

Once and again, thank you very much,



20 Responses to “ve nha”

  1. Vinh Says:

    yeap, rite:D

  2. Chieu Minh Says:

    hey, Ha Noi pho o dau ngon vay, dot vua rui ra em an pho Ha Noi chan pheo.Chac an khong ung dia chi rui.

  3. Meh Says:

    O* anh dao van cua em!!!

  4. Hai Yen Says:

    Chuc mung Vinh, chuc ban co nhung ngay nghi vui ve o nha nhe.

  5. Danny Says:

    Tha(`ng na`y, sao bu+~a nay to? ra su+. the^’? Acting ha? hehe…

  6. Says:

    nhi`n ca.u do.i ca’i mu~ trong ngo. nhi?

  7. Trương Trang Says:

    May hom nay HN dang rat dep troi! Ve^` nha` vao luc nay` thi` tuyet lam lam! 🙂

  8. Vinh Says:

    @Ha: thay may thang ve tranh dao o paris no’ doi the nen dua doi ti:P.

    @Chi Trang: the ma em nghe doa la nong lam, chi co buoi toi la con do.

  9. MiraCoolO Says:

    Hehe, ma’y chu den o Pha’p chi? ho^i tho^i chu kho^ng ba^?n ti’nh. Con bo.n re^.p (te^n tha^n ma^.t cua tu.i a? ra^.p) vua ho^i la.i vua ba^n ti’nh. Tao chi? no’i su that tho^i, sad but true, chu khong phan biet chung toc.

    Chuc mung may ve Ha Noi “cua tao”. Cho tao gui loi ho?i tham co^ Ti’nh, nhan co^ la Tung xin loi vi di lau the ma khong chao hoi co gi ca?, huhu, tha^.t long da^’y. Them nua, co ghe’ qua Ho Guom, ho?i tham suc khoe ma^’y cu Rua ho tao. Nhan ma^’y cu. a^’y la gia ca? roi, hu’t it thuoc lao thoi, ke?o viem phoi …


  10. Vinh Says:

    tao den co Ti’nh co’ khi con khong nhan ra, neu xin loi ho may thi` tao ha mieng mac quai ah:D.

  11. Vinh Says:

    @Yen: cam on ban Yen

    @Minh: nhieu cho ngon lam ma, chac em nguoi Nam nen an ko hop. Anh nghi nguoi Nam ra an pho o HN ma thay ngon chac chi co an o pho 24 thoi. Cai nay thi o SG cung co’ ha?

    @Duy: sap ve nha roi, phai lich su chu:D.

    @others: once and again, I hope I will continue to have your support as well as enthusiasm:D.

  12. Trương Trang Says:

    De hom qua sau lung, ca^t’ buoc quay tro ve
    de duoc thay am ap ben me hien
    de de^m do^ng lui` xa khi buoc chan ben hien nha`…

    Gap nhau bao tha^n thuong, tha^n thuong nhung loi chao`
    chia nhau niem vui phut gap lai
    va ben ly tra thom, ben anh lua ho^ng` dam say…

    Ve^` nha` hanh phuc nha! 🙂

  13. Vinh Says:

    thank you for your “support”:D.

  14. ♥H2O♥ Says:

    cai mu~….:D
    have a good time with ur family! ^__^

  15. Vinh Says:

    y ma`y la die^u hay die^.u the:D. Tao thang 8 di roi, lop minh chuan bi tu tap nhau nhet mot bua, nho di day.

  16. Li Ying Ming Says:

    Ku Vinh co’ cai’ mieng. cuoi` trong dieu nhi. Bao gio` hoc. tiep’ day’ may`

  17. ech com Says:

    oài !! hum nay anh được lên nhé!!
    Quê nhà biết hết rồi nhé!!
    chúc mừng anh nhé!!

  18. Li Ying Ming Says:

    Ku Vinh kheo’ phai chuan bi. so tan’ thoi nhi

  19. Li Ying Ming Says:

    Ua`, sang day’ kiem’ ho. tao cai’ hoc. bong nhe’:P

  20. Chocolady's Says:

    Em cung yeu Ha Noi lam’ ne`! em yeu Ha` Noi, la` em yeu Ha` Noi…

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